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Icing on the cake

Wooohooo! I’ve won a prize! Virtually Vegan was kick started by joining in Meat Free March, which was great in itself to be in touch with others and swapping recipes, but there was also the added bonus of a tasty prize being dangled before us. So I’m very chuffed indeed that my swapping partner Susie won top prize for trying out my lime-choc-coconut combo vegan cheesecake. I had to warn her that I don’t exactly follow recipes and tend to just make the amounts of ingredients up as I go along so it could have been a disaster but Susie got creative with it too – and made individual lovely looking dishes out of it!

Then those fab foodies Fay and Becs decided to split the prize and awarded me runner up for my efforts in setting the blog up and of course doing some justice to Susie’s delicious spicy dish. That’s definitely been the icing on this week’s virtually vegan cake…!

One Response to “Icing on the cake”

  1. Susie says:

    Wahoooo!! Well done us!!

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