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After being vegetarian for most of my life I thought I’d give vegan a go. mainly for health reasons, having realised how much dairy veggies tend to consume to make up for being meatless (ie mahoosive amounts)

I signed up to the Vegan Society’s ‘give it a try for a month‘ pledge just to give it a go, thinking I’d miss everything cheesy a little bit too much to stick with it any longer. But I did the month – and decided to carry on. At home it was been easy enough to adapt dishes I usually cook and I really like finding and trying out new recipes.  I also started getting a bit obsessive reading labels in supermarkets and on everything realising how much ‘hidden’ stuff there is in things  – and discovering how much food labelled as ‘vegetarian’ isn’t at all vegan.

The other thing I learned during that month is that if I was stick to carry on I would be ‘virtually’ vegan, doing my best but not obsessing about sticking to it 100%. Having taken a plane-bus-train journey, surviving about 16 hours eating only a bruised banana and packet of crisps I realised if I’m doing the vegan thing for health reasons then completely missing out on meals isn’t a healthy idea. I’d also rather not live on lettuce leaves – and as a holiday in France proved, sometimes it’s difficult enough just to be vegetarian while eating out let alone vegan. And you know what occasionally I may just want to indulge in that sticky toffee pudding. Hence I am ‘virtually vegan’.

I’m not doing this to be political, make a statement or be any kind of extremist. I do love food, have never been bothered about ‘missing’ out on meat (though seafood is a different matter…) – I prefer to cook from scratch, know what I’m eating and where it’s come from. The great bit about being virtually vegan is discovering new ingredients, recipes and places to eat. The downside is it still seems to be seen as outside the mainstream. It’s a bit like way back in the day when I started being vegetarian, it wasn’t that usual and I got fed up of being offered a cheese omelette as the only option. These days, though vegetarians are now well catered for, pasta in a tomato sauce seems to be the vegan equivalent…

Whether you are vegan, veggie, or meaty I hope there’ll be recipes on here you fancy trying. And if you’ve got any recommendations or recipes to contribute then I’d love to hear from you.



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